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Academic UIL Team Finishes Third in District

Posted Date: 04/01/2019

Academic UIL Team Finishes Third in District

Even though the HGHS Academic UIL Team was small in numbers and unable to compete in many events, they still managed to clinch a third-place spot at the District 13AA meet held in Trenton on Sat., March 30. Most of the 20 students dressed in the dark due to an electrical outage in town and left early Sat. morning and didn’t return home until that evening, but 16 of those 20 qualified for the regional meet, which will be held April 12-13 at Grayson County College in Denison.

The following is a list of their awards. Those placing in the top three will advance. All members of first-place teams advance, as well.

Calculator Applications: 1st Place Team

  • Aaron Nelson (sr.) – 1st
  • Jake Caffee (jr.) – 2nd
  • Hayden Stroud (jr.) – 3rd
  • Jonas Butler (fresh.)

Copy Editing:

  • Soleil Landreth (sr.) – 1st
  • Trinity Perkins (fresh.) – 3rd
  • Brinkleigh Mayberry (fresh.) – 5th

Current Issues & Events – Parker Weger (soph.) – 2nd

Editorial Writing – Kyleigh Coleman (jr.) – 2nd

Feature Writing:

  • Hayley Salinas (soph.) – 1st
  • Kyleigh Coleman (jr.) – 6th

Headline Writing:

  • Brinkleigh Mayberry (fresh.) – 1st
  • Michael Contreras (jr.) – 3rd

Journalism – 1st Place Team

Literary Criticism – 1st Place Team

  • Soleil Landreth (sr.) – 1st
  • Hailey Breece (soph.) – 2nd
  • Laura Bell (sr.) – 3rd
  • Shelbea Clem (soph.)

Mathematics – Hayden Stroud (jr.) – 4th

News Writing:

  • Kendall Darter (soph.) – 2nd
  • Hayley Salinas (soph.) – 3rd
  • Allie Towery (soph.) – 4th

Number Sense – 2nd Place Team

  • Coleman Johnson (soph.) – 2nd
  • Hayden Stroud (jr.) – 3rd

Ready Writing:

  • Laura Bell (sr.) – 2nd
  • Soleil Landreth (sr.) – 3rd
  • Brinkleigh Mayberry (fresh.) – 6th

Social Studies – Za’Tayvia Hayes (jr.) – 4th

Spelling – 3rd Place Team:

  • Soleil Landreth (sr.) – 4th
  • Laura Bell (sr.) – 6th tie